What is Enlarged Prostate?

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?Enlarged prostate is a common condition affecting men of mature age. The prostate gland constantly grows during the lifetime of a person. Still, its growing may cause problems if its size increases too rapidly.
A man in his 40 -50 may experience the first signs of enlarged prostate. Half of men in their 60 complain about the symptoms and by the age of 80, about 90% of all men have increased prostate gland.
The symptoms of enlarged prostate come from the location of this organ. The gland surrounds the tube which comes from the bladder and transfers the urine from it. As the gland grows too big, it affects the passing of the urine out of the bladder. The process of emptying the bladder becomes more difficult. Some men experience muscle spasms, pain, others difficulty to urinate.?1
Among other symptoms frequently observed with enlarged prostate there are: trouble urinating, dribbling, a feeling of full bladder, frequent urinating during night time, pain before urination, a sudden feeling or need to urinate.
The symptoms of this condition can affect the functioning of the bladder and even lead to urinary tract infections or forming of the urinary stones.
When the symptoms of enlarged prostate start bothering a man, he should visit a doctor. A diagnosis is made based on the ultrasound, blood tests, cystoscopy and other procedures.
??The treatment of enlarged prostate usually involves the individual approach. If the symptoms remain light and do not bother a man, the condition may be untreated. In case of bothering symptoms the use of the medicines may be offered.
One of the medicines used for enlarged prostate is Cialis in the dose of 5 mg taken every day. The therapeutic results of this medicine have shown the significant reduction in the symptoms. Most men report great improvement in their state.
Before the treatment with Cialis, it is necessary to visit a doctor and consult about your condition.

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